Always dreamed of taking care of a vineyard and making your own wine? Well, come and join our city vineyard, De Haagse stadswijngaard!

Using a piece of derelict land in the middle of the city we created a unique vineyard in The Hague.

The passion for grapes and The Hague unites us. We invite you to join us and grow your own grapes. This means that you can grow, prune and harvest your own grapes. Together with other participants and winemaker Tycho Vermeulen you will discover how to become a true The Hague Wine Grower, with a certificate as lasting proof. We will manage the vineyard side by side, enjoying each other’s company and learning from each other.


With your grapes you can join in a wine-making course or let the professional turn your grapes into wine. And of course you can also enjoy the grapes just as they’re ready to eat.

Throughout the year there will be plenty of opportunities to sample the wine and participate in the vineyard or just to hang out. With this vineyard we will further liven-up the city, enjoy fellowship and feast on the product of our own harvest – all at City Vineyard The Hague.

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